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How can i restore my deleted Gmail account

Gmail account is created by millions of people across the world for sending and receiving emails. You create it because it is easy to use, safe for data and strong as well. So you want to use it. But sometimes for some reason you may delete your Gmail account. For example if you were using more than 2-3 accounts and you found that it is not necessary to use all of those so you deleted one of those. But now you want to restore that deleted account so you would like to know how can I restore my deleted Gmail account? Well, if you deleted your Gmail account then you can get it back. But it is only possible for a limited time after which your deleted account cannot be restored. If you are able to restore your Gmail account then you can use your all Goole account once again. For restoration of your Gmail account you can follow below steps:

1.Follow normal steps to recover your account at the Google sign in page.

Now you are asked some questions by Google to confirm that it is your account only. You can answer as best you can.

Once your account is recovered you can create a new password now which you have not used so far with the Gmail account in question.

So,this is you can restore your Gmail account and you are always advised that when you create a new password it must be quite strong so that no one can copy it or hack it easily.

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