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How to Recover Hotmail Password Without Phone Number

Hotmail is a well-known email service. Anyone can create a Hotmail account easily and after you create your Hotmail account you can send and receive emails through your Hotmail account. You get a lot of features with Hotmail account. You can attach document, files, images etc. while you send an email message. You can send a single email to multiple receivers at once. You can add a signature to your email body as per your choice. Likewise, you can do many things in Hotmail which increases your user experiences with Hotmail. Hotmail comes from the house of Microsoft, so the updated versions keep coming from time to time making your experience even better. Now you can see that there are multiple benefits of using Hotmail. However, you also know that your username and password are the two keys though you can open your Hotmail email account each time. If you forget any of these you cannot log in to your account. You are suggested to keep a strong password so that no one can hack it and so sometimes what happens that you also forget your password. Now you cannot log in to your account. However good thing with Hotmail is that you can recover Hotmail password. One way is by receiving the verification code from Microsoft on your phone number. But what if you have forgotten your phone number or the number you gave, you don’t use it anymore. So, in such a situation How to recover Hotmail password without a phone number. You can still recover your Hotmail password by receiving the same verification code from Microsoft on an alternate email id that you already set earlier. Using this verification code you can prove to the Microsoft that you are the real owner of the account and thus you can recover your Hotmail password and start using your email account again.

Hotmail Technical Support to Recover Hotmail Password

If you don’t know how to recover Hotmail password on your own then you can get Hotmail Technical Support to recover Hotmail password from us. Our executive will guide you step by step to recover your email account password.

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