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How do I setup EarthLink on IPhone?

How do I setup EarthLink on IPhone

How do I setup EarthLink on IPhone?

If you want to setup EarthLink on your IPhone device then it is important that you know the procedure to do so. Below are the steps to do so:

1.    First click the Settings.

2.    Next scroll down and click on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.

3.    Click the Add account option next.

4.    Next click on the other option.

5.    Next you need to select Add Mail account.

6.    Enter in your Name, Email address, Password and Description.  For description, you can use the default offering or change it to anything you like.  Then click next.

7.    IPhone will now confirm your settings.  Click Save to continue.

You should note that some domains may require you to enter in your email settings manually.

EarthLink mail settings for IPhone step wise

You can follow above steps to set EarthLink mail on your IPhone.

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How Do I Set Up Zoho Mail as IMAP in iPhone or iPad?

How Do I Set Up Zoho Mail as IMAP in iPhone or iPad?

How Do I Set Up Zoho Mail as IMAP in iPhone/iPad?

The Zoho Mail App designed for iPhone and iPad is simple enough to use. Can be downloaded from the App Store, it automatically synchronizes the Calendar and Contacts. This application is designed to accomplish the synchronization without any interference to the device's Calendars or Contacts. To setup the Zoho Mail App, you need to make your account login. It will allow you to access the [Settings] window. The [POP/ IMAP] option will appear. Your job is to turn the IMAP Access on.

Please return to the [Settings] window after the IMAP is enabled. The selection of [Mail, Contacts and Calendar] comes next as per the instructions given by Zoho Customer Service Number. You are now recommended to click on the [Add Account] button. It will ask you to provide your full name, your email address, your account +Read More..

How do I make my signature automatic in Hotmail?

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How do I make my signature automatic in Hotmail?

We all know how to access the signature function in Hotmail. However, the addition of a signature in this email client requires proper information and deep technical knowledge. Like Gmail, this email client also enables its users to create auto-signatures. It can be started by the account login. Once you have done with your account login, you will need to move into the inbox. The [More Options] will be found in the top right-hand side. Your job is to select it. Access the category marked as [Writing Email] now. It will give you the chance to select [Personal Email Signature].

How do I set a default signature in Hotmail?

Going forward with the answer of how I set a default signature in Hotmail, we now suggest you click in the box. After making the click, you will have to type +Read More.. is an independent technical support service provider. We delivered reliable services to the customer as soon as possible by the help of our dedicated and experienced tech support team. We always keep your privacy secure. All other outsider logo, brand names are used as references for informational purpose only.