How Can I Speak To Someone At Hotmail Customer Service?


Hotmail now known by the name of Outlook is a personal messenger platform developed by Microsoft through which you can exchange emails, manage tasks and handle calendars. In case you have an outlook account but are unable to log in or exchange emails then you can contact the support team and get it fixed. The support team of Outlook manages different teams through which you can contact them, talk live and then discuss all the issues that you are facing currently.

How to contact the support team of Hotmail?

Sometimes people are unable to communicate or exchange emails via Outlook/Hotmail platform. And even if you are facing any other common issues related to Hotmail, then you are free to contact the support team for help. The technical support team of Hotmail is available 24x7 via email, live chat, or the call process. To contact Hotmail live person, read the below-given instructions.

Helpline number

The helpline number of the Hotmail customer support team is assigned to all the people who mainly have accounts on Outlook or Hotmail platform.

  • You just have to dial the helpline number 800-642-7676
  • Press one digit and then make sure the call gets connected.
  • Once connected, people can easily talk live to the support team of Hotmail.

The services of the Hotmail customer service number works on all the working days.

Hotmail Online help center

If you are unable to get the Hotmail support team on call, you can reach out to the support team via an online help center. The online help center of Microsoft can be found on the website of the app. You can log in to the account and then follow the instructions. You will get one search bar where you have to type the issue in detail and then tap on the search bar to find the solution.

FAQ section

Microsoft also offers an attachment to the users of Microsoft through which you can find answers to all the common questions. The common question’s answers are clearly given on the website and you don’t have to be bothered to contact the support team.

Types of issues fixed by the Hotmail customer support team

1.If you forget the password of the Hotmail account

2.In case the Hotmail account is not working then maybe it might have been hacked and you can contact the customer care team

3.Also if you are unable to log in to the Hotmail account then maybe the browser of the device is not updated

4.Clear all the cache files or cookies of the device if you are not able to log in to the account

And that’s all you can find out about how do I contact Hotmail support.

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