How do I make my signature automatic in Hotmail?

How do I make my signature automatic in Hotmail?

We all know how to access the signature function in Hotmail. However, the addition of a signature in this email client requires proper information and deep technical knowledge. Like Gmail, this email client also enables its users to create auto-signatures. It can be started by the account login. Once you have done with your account login, you will need to move into the inbox. The [More Options] will be found in the top right-hand side. Your job is to select it. Access the category marked as [Writing Email] now. It will give you the chance to select [Personal Email Signature].

How do I set a default signature in Hotmail?

Going forward with the answer of how I set a default signature in Hotmail, we now suggest you click in the box. After making the click, you will have to type the text you want to appear in your signature. You can change the font, size, color, alignment, or even add links in your signature. The use of drop down menu is suggested to you now, in this regard. It will definitely make your job easier. All the changes have to be saved by you at the end of signature making process.

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