How Do I Set Up Zoho Mail as IMAP in iPhone or iPad?

How Do I Set Up Zoho Mail as IMAP in iPhone/iPad?

The Zoho Mail App designed for iPhone and iPad is simple enough to use. Can be downloaded from the App Store, it automatically synchronizes the Calendar and Contacts. This application is designed to accomplish the synchronization without any interference to the device's Calendars or Contacts. To setup the Zoho Mail App, you need to make your account login. It will allow you to access the [Settings] window. The [POP/ IMAP] option will appear. Your job is to turn the IMAP Access on.

Please return to the [Settings] window after the IMAP is enabled. The selection of [Mail, Contacts and Calendar] comes next as per the instructions given by Zoho Customer Service Number. You are now recommended to click on the [Add Account] button. It will ask you to provide your full name, your email address, your account password, and account description. Don’t forget to provide the Application Specific Password if you have previously enabled the Two Factor Authentication. Tap [Next] to move towards next. Go to the Incoming Mail Server section. Here you need to provide Zoho Helpline Number demonstrated set-of-information. Before entering any of the listed things, please ensure that the IMAP is selected in the top for account type.

1.      Incoming Mail Server Name:

2.      User Name: Your Zoho Email Address

3.      Password: Your Zoho Email Account Password (Application Specific)

Once these credentials are authenticated and saved, your device will be connected to the IMAP server. We request you to get in touch with the Zoho customer care team if you have an issue as SMTP for Zoho does not work on my iPhone 6. Not only is this issue, the helpline beneficial to you in multiple ways.

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