How do I setup EarthLink on IPhone?

How do I setup EarthLink on IPhone?

If you want to setup EarthLink on your IPhone device then it is important that you know the procedure to do so. Below are the steps to do so:

1.    First click the Settings.

2.    Next scroll down and click on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.

3.    Click the Add account option next.

4.    Next click on the other option.

5.    Next you need to select Add Mail account.

6.    Enter in your Name, Email address, Password and Description.  For description, you can use the default offering or change it to anything you like.  Then click next.

7.    IPhone will now confirm your settings.  Click Save to continue.

You should note that some domains may require you to enter in your email settings manually.

EarthLink mail settings for IPhone step wise

You can follow above steps to set EarthLink mail on your IPhone.

EarthLink technical support number

EarthLink is used by millions of users across the world so if you are having any trouble with your EarthLink account then you can get ample support on the Support page. You can choose here EarthLink mail as your product and get the information which is related to EarthLink mail. Here enough information is available and so most common issues are described here with solutions. So you may find that your issue is also mentioned here. If not you can get help via live chat or via email also. You can also get help on the community forum page. If you want to talk to the representative on phone for help service then you should dial EarthLink Customer Support Number 1-888-302-0444.

EarthLink Password recovery number

If you forgot your EarthLink password then you can get SMS on your EarthLink password recovery number. Following this link on your phone you can reset your EarthLink password.

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