How to Recover/Reset/Change my MSN Account Password

MSN Password Recovery

MSN is a flagship web portal managed by Microsoft.  There are different types of new and information on Politics, Entertainment, Travel, Finance etc., you can access on MSN website. It also comes with other Internet services like email, messenger, web search etc. You can have a MSN account and enjoy the services offered by Microsoft.

We often forget or loss our account password. Like other services, it can happen with MSN account also. So what if you lost your MSN account password. Well with MSN you can easily recover or reset the password. Here we will discuss about MSN password recovery in step by step. You can easily follow the required steps and recover your password

How to recover a msn password

There are many people who do not have any idea about how to recover a MSN password. You do not need to be technical expert to reset the password. Without any technical knowledge, you can follow the below steps and recover your password.

  • Open your browser
  • Go to the link
  • Now select I forgot my password and click on Next
  • Then select the Rest your password
  • Now enter your id on the required field
  • Enter the character to verify and click Next
  • Now you have option to reset your password through your registered alternative email or mobile number
  • Select the choice and follow to step to reset your password

MSN Password Change

For various reasons we may need to change our MSN password. Apart from that it is good to change password for security reasons also. So with MSN also, you can change your password.  Here are the steps you can follow to change the MSN account password without any hassle.

  • Log in to your MAN account with present credentials
  • Now go to account setup page
  • Then locate password and click on the change password link
  • Enter your old password, then enter your new password
  • Reconfirm your new password
  • Click on the Save to change your MSN password

MSN Password Reset

When we forget our password for MSN account, we need to reset it. It is the same process of recovering the password discussed above. MSN password reset is easy and simple process that anybody can follow. So when you need to reset your password, just visit MSN password reset link. One think you need to remember for resetting your password you need to have registered alternative email or mobile number with MSN. If you do not have either of both, then you need to reset by answering some security question.

If you are not able to reset your password for MSN, you may need to contact with MSN customer service number.

MSN password forgot

This is a common issue with many Internet based services. We often tend to forget our account password. So what will you do if you are facing MSN password forgot. Well in that case you need to recover your password. So, it does not matter if you forgot your MSN account password, now you can easily reset it with some simple steps.

MSN password not working

There are many users, who face the issue that MSN password not working. Even through user is typing the correct password; still they are not able to login to MSN account. There may be various reasons for MSN password not working. Some of the are

·      The password is correct but user name is wrong

·      Password is case sensitive, so there may issue with that

·      Typing error while entering password

·      Your account is deleted or remove

If you are facing the same issue, you can try reseting your password. You can also contact with the MSN customer support team to get solution. -


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