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Fixing various Centurylink email issues effectively

Centurylink email provides top notch service for its account protection and email exchange. Faster email processing and email filters are the features on Century link email service. User can send large attachments alongside email over the server and protection against spam email is also provided.

There are also some issues faced at times by the Century link email users. One such issue of email forwarding is discussed in this article. By the end of the article if the user is not able to find a suitable solution then contact the support team for help.

How do you forward emails from Centurylink?

Centurylink email can be easily forwarded from the account by selecting the email first to be forwarded and click on the forward option to enter the forwarding address. Also open the email and locate the forward option to send the email to another address.

Now if the user is looking to pull all the Centurylink emails to any other email account first the account to which the emails to be pulled needs to be configured correctly. Now for example if the user is looking to pull the emails to Gmail, then the Gmail account settings has to be done to collect mail from the mailbox at centurytel.net.

Follow the steps to configure Gmail to pull mail from Centurylink account –

1.Login to the Gmail account and in the menu option click on Settings.
2.Then select Accounts tab and then click ‘Add a POP3 mail account you own’.
3.Now enter the centurylink address and click on Next Step.
4.Enter the username and password of the Centurylink account in the respective fields.
5.In POP server enter ‘mail.nw.centurytel.net’ and click Add Account.
6.As the next screen appears click No and then Finish.

In case of any help and assistance user can contact the Centurylink customer support for support and assistance. Support team diagnoses the problem remotely and provides quick fix solutions.

What sets CenturyLink customer service apart from the rest?

The ability to find the root cause of the issue or problem and then providing problem to solve that concern makes the customer support team efficient. Over the phone support experts understands the concern and with proper troubleshooting the problem is solved.

How to find the CenturyLink customer service number?

Customer service number is given below and user can call the support professionals over the helpline number and solve the problems. Support team is available 24*7 for help & support.

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