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Welcome to the EarthLink Customer Support. EarthLink online account is utilized for getting to a huge number of IT services, services related to the network and communications but there is one another important thing that it is utilized for and that is the excellent web mailing service of EarthLink. While accessing EarthLink web mailing services, then EarthLink users often face some complex issues, and they have to search for the solution of every single issue on the internet. However, you can skip this time-demanding research by simply contacting the customer service of EarthLink.

Mentioned below are the issues faced commonly by the users of EarthLink for which they contact the EarthLink Technical Support:

Issues related with changing the password of the EarthLink account, Issues related with recovering the EarthLink Account, Issues related with sending spam emails in the EarthLink account, Issues related with changing username of the EarthLink account, Issues related to sending or receiving of the emails in the EarthLink account, Syncing issues of the emails in the EarthLink account, Issues related with the folders in the EarthLink account, Issues related with the DNS server settings in the EarthLink account, Issues related with shuffling of emails in the EarthLink account.

How to Create a New Email Address in EarthLink Account?

1.Log into My Account with your primary email address and password. 2.On the My Account home page (the first page that comes up after you log in), you will see a section called Email Profiles. Next to this, you will see a line commenting on how many email addresses you have available and how many you are actually using. As long as you have at least one left you will be able to create a new email address.3.Fill out the form to create your new email address.
Guidelines you should keep in mind when creating your new email address:
Capitalization matters (make sure CAPS LOCK is turned off).
The username portion of your email address is limited to 32 characters
Your password must be between 6 and 8 characters.
It can contain letters and numbers but no symbols.
For tips on selecting a secure password, click here.
Click Add Email Profile when you have filled out all of the required information. 4. If the email address you selected is not available, you will have to go back through the process of selecting a new email address.
If the email address you selected is available, simply click OK to add it to your account. 5. If you need help setting up your email program to check your new email account, visit Setting Up My Program for more information.
6. Note: The max allowed length of a username for the primary e-mail address ONLY is up to 16 characters.

Mentioned below are the measures from technicians to fix EarthLink password reset issue:

Step 1: Go to the official Sign-in page of EarthLink: my account.
Step 2: Sign in to your    EarthLink account.
Step 3: Click on My Account at top-right corner of the page.
Step 4: Click on Email Profiles option.
Step 5: Click on Edit option in the Password row.
Step 6: Fill out the form displayed on the screen.
Step 7: As the final step, click on the Change Password option to reset your password.

In case, the above-mentioned steps don’t resolve your issue related with the resetting of the password of the EarthLink account, you can fix entire email and account issues with EarthLink Customer Service Phone Number: +1-888-302-0444, which is toll free all over the world and is available anytime 24 X 7 and 365 days. The technical experts of the    EarthLink are always available for help and provide the basic troubleshooting steps along with the 100% customer satisfaction to the EarthLink users. They can also fix your issues by coming to your home in the case of emergency.

How to set up EarthLink email on IPhone7 :

EarthLink is used by many users across the world. So people using Iphone7 want to set up EarthLink email on their Iphone7. If you also want to setup EarthLink on your IPhone7 device then it is important that you know the procedure to do so. Below are the steps to do so:

1. First click the Settings. 2. Next scroll down and click on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.3. Click the Add account option next. 4. Next click on the other option.5. Next you need to select Add Mail account.6. Enter in your Name, Email address, Password and Description. For description, you can use the default offering or change it to anything you like. Then click Next.7. iPhone will now confirm your settings. Click Save to continue.

You should note that some domains may require you to enter in your email settings manually.

Easy steps for EarthLink email settings on iPhone step by step

If you follow above mentioned steps, you can easily set EarthLink email on your IPhone.

EarthLink Customer Service Number

If you are using EarthLink then you may face technical glitches with your email account. In such case you can get instant help from EarthLink customer service team by dialing EarthLink customer service number.

EarthLink Technical Support Number

EarthLink is used by millions of users across the world as it is quite easy to use and safe also. So if you are facing any trouble with your EarthLink account then you can get ample support on the Support page of EarthLink. You can choose here  EarthLink mail as your product and get the information which is related to EarthLink mail. Here enough information is available and so most common issues are described here with solutions. So you may find that your issue is also mentioned here. If not you can get help via live chat or via email also. You can also get help on the community forum page. If you want to talk to the representative on phone for help then you should dial EarthLink Technical Support Number.

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