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How to Organize Emails by Utilizing the Files Function in Windows Live Mail?

You will never be able to find the email messages on a different day if you organize them in your inbox. That’s why the Windows Live Mail Service allows you to organize all your emails by utilizing the file function. Manage them in a way these emails can be retrieved very easily. Let the Windows Live Mail Technical Support Number discuss how to do that in an effective method.

1.        Open Windows Live

2.        Find and click on the Folder tab

3.        Go below the New listing, find New Folder

4.        Select the New Folder. Give a name to each folder

5.        It will help you to be associated with the incoming e-mails

6.        Add labels to your Gmail messages. A drop-down menu will appear

7.        The selection of Create New will create a new file for you

8.        You will find the new file on the left side of your screen

9.        It will allow you to drop or filter the new messages

10.    Of course, you need to apply the label to those messages

11.    You can edit the file names and labels

12.    It will help you in organizing your email messages

13.    Here you can create your own set of rules

14.    Put a rule that keeps unwanted messages out of your Inbox

15.    It can be done by the use of junk e-mail filters

In addition to the mentioned method, the Windows Live Mail Technical Support Number offers different methods to the doubtful users. It is committed to delivering open supports to those users who want to organize their emails in a way those can be retrieved very easily. So as to provide easy to understand the formula, Windows Live Management Club has introduced this Windows Live Mail Customer Support Helpline Number.

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